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Cookie policy

This website is using cookies. This will help the website to remember the choices you have made at our page. By visiting the website you agree to the use of cookies.


What are cookies?

Cookie is a small section of text in your web browser which is loaded onto your computer when you are visiting a certain webpage. Cookies enable the webpage to recognise the visitor’s computer. Cookies additionally help the webpage to remember the data of your visit, e.g. preferred language and other configurations. This can turn your next visit easier and advantageous. Cookies have an important role. Without these the use of web would be a lot more annoying experience.


What kind of cookies are used by Wine and Sun?

Wine and Sun is using:

  • session cookies that are deleted automatically after each visit;
  • permanent cookies that will remain in case of repeated visits to the website;
  • third party cookies which are used by our partner websites which are attached to our webpage or which we link. Creation of these cookies is not under our influence; information regarding the operation of these cookies can be found at the website of the respective third party.


Why do we use cookies and what kind of information are we collecting?

The cookies help us to provide services in accordance with your wishes and habits. The cookies are usually used for collection of statistical information by observing the preference of the users visiting websites. For example, we use them to remember the preferences for secure searches, for creating profiles for targeted advertising, for increasing the relevance of visible advertising, for counting the number of visitors, for offering assistance while subscribing to our services and for the protection of your information. When you visit our webpage, in addition to our cookies, cookies may be recorded in your computer and these can be accessed and information regarding your internet activities and use of web services may be collected also our analysis and ad serving partners.


Can use of cookies be denied?

Yes, use of cookies can be denied in web browser. More information regarding cookies can be found at the following websites: or